Fire Protection

The cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul each have their own fire department.

The City of Minneapolis is home to 382,500 people. According to the guide the Minneapolis Fire Department has over 400 firefighters (408 as of July 2012) working from nineteen fire stations. Every firefighter is also a fully trained Emergency Medical Technician, EMT. The fire department has a target of the first company arriving at a call within 5 minutes, at least 90% of the time. The 2011 statistics from the Minneapolis fire department reported 1348 fire responses with $12 million in property damage. reports that the St. Paul Fire Department has over 434 firefighters working from sixteen fire stations, with a fleet of 60 vehicles. Every firefighter is also a fully trained EMT. The City of St. Paul has 285,500 residents and logs 1300 fire responses annually with over $7 million in property damage.

There are also over 60,000 registered businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul. What the numbers mean to you is that if you live or work in St. Paul, you have a 1 in 219 chance of being affected by fire this year and in Minneapolis a 1 in 283 chance. Don’t take the chance get reliable protection 24/7 for your business or commercial property today.

To receive the fastest fire and emergency service response time dial 911.